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Gilbert has got Nothing on you Girl

March 21, 2009

My super smart 16-year-old non-bio daughter has been struggling in her AP Honors Algebra class.  She did poorly on one test and is now feeling the pressure to bring her grade up before the end of the year.

I too struggled with math in high school (and college for that matter) and I thought she could benefit from my experience.

I told her that when I was her age I ditched my Algebra class nearly everyday to go to Dunkin Donuts with my best friend Stephanie. And that the only reason I even passed Algebra was because Gilbert (a math whiz in my class who thought I looked cute in my cheerleading uniform) let me cheat off of him.  I got a B.

Admittedly, this did not come across as the inspirational tale of hard work and perseverance as I intended.  

I didn’t tell her this anecdote to encourage cheating or manipulative (albeit innocent) flirting with math geeks, but rather to use myself as an example of what NOT to do.  To this day, I am terrible at math to the point where I can no longer help my 5th grader with his homework.  And while Gilbert was only trying to help, he didn’t do me any favors.

I hope she gets my point.

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  1. Steph permalink
    April 27, 2009 2:03 am

    MMMMM!!! Dunkin Donuts!

    We don’t have any DD in Omaha. Boo.

    And math was not my strong suit, either…

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