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An Aloha Miracle

May 26, 2009

My first day in Hawaii was brutal.  I was unable to digest anything but blue Gatorade and was so exhausted that my only activity for the day was sleeping in a lounge chair by the pool at our resort.  

It wasn’t as relaxing as it sounds.

I spent the entire day miserable and scared.  I’ve never been sick like this before in my life and I was starting to worry that not only would this illness ruin my long-planned vacation, but that it would carry on for weeks or months or years and ruin my entire life and pretty soon I’m living in a bubble waiting to die, while my kids don rubber space suits to say their last goodbyes. 

Did I forget to mention that hysterics and irrationality are also common symptoms of Mono?

That night I suffered through dinner with my family and went to bed feeling discouraged about my prognosis.

And then it happened.

I awoke the next morning at around 3am feeling AMAZING.  I was refreshed and without  pain for the first time in three weeks.

If you’ve ever visited Hawaii, you’re probably familiar with the philosophy of The Aloha Spirit.  In a coconut shell 🙂 (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) it refers to the joyful sharing of life energy.  The use of this energy in a loving way is the secret to health, happiness, prosperity and success.

And while it sounds a little hokey, I think I was healed that night by The Aloha Spirit. 


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