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I Guess You’re Just What I Needed

June 30, 2009

I pulled into our driveway after a long day, feeling emotionally drained and maybe a little (dare I say?) premenstrual.  I turned off the car and sat in the 96° heat for a few moments, enjoying the silence I would not hear again for at least another eight hours until the kids are all asleep, when all of a sudden Ava’s little face popped up in the window of our front door.


We saw each other at the same time and I gave a tired sigh as I swung my car door open to greet her, wondering what disaster I was about to walk in to.

“Mommy!  I missed you.” she said.  And she wrapped her arms around me, not too loose and not too tight and gave me the sweetest, softest kiss.

“Bye!”  And she ran off to play.


I’m definitely premenstrual.

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