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March 30, 2010

Spam. I love it!

No, I’m not talking about spiced ham.

Internet Spam, folks. I get it in my email (about 50 times a day), on my blog, and even via Twitter.

Yes, it is annoying, but every once in a while stuck in the midst of Viagra ads, cheap anti-depressant promotions and personal ads for Russian brides, I get a piece of Spam so good, I can’t bring myself to delete it without first reading it and appreciating the prose.

This week’s winner:   Make your pecker like a howitzer

The word “pecker” reminds me of 7th grade health class when that was the euphemism of choice, and to this day still makes me giggle. Yes, I’m a grown woman. But c’mon, penises (and all their nomenclature) are funny.

Hats off to the copywriters who came up with that gem.  Quite a visual.

Question though– Do I really want a penis that’s like a howitzer?


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