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Out of Our Silence

April 1, 2010

Watch this:

Two nights ago, my good friend Chris and my MIL Joyce met me for dinner at our favorite restaurant in downtown Littleton, Cafe Terracotta, to celebrate my birthday.

(That’s right, today is my birthday.  April Fool’s Day.  Yeah, I know, jokes abound.)

Cafe Terracotta has an awesome dinner menu (lunch too for that matter), but the real reason we go there is for the pink cake–fluffy white cake with strawberry filling and strawberry-cream cheese frosting.  It is divine.

Usually, the three of us split one slice.  This time however, I was presented with an entire strawberry cake–12 slices of pink heaven–candles, singing and all by our existential server, Lou.

Then as a special birthday treat, Lou leaned over our table, closed his eyes and passionately burst into a recitation of the above poem.

Normally, I would think someone like Lou a little odd. And maybe it was Lou’s Wallace Shawn-esque lisp, or maybe it was my pregnancy hormones kicking into overdrive, but on this particular evening I was enthralled.

Thanks Lou.  You made it a happy day.

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  1. April 5, 2010 3:59 pm

    Hope you had a great birthday (no April fools)!!!

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