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Cleveland Rocks

August 16, 2010

I am just 12 days away from my official due date and Brent had to leave for an overnight trip to Cleveland this morning. We’ve known for weeks that this trip MIGHT happen and when Brent first brought it up I freaked out, for obvious reasons.  We’re cutting it a little close here.

Brent kept assuring me that if it wasn’t for a really, really important client (read: big opportunity) he wouldn’t go. Well, duh.

But as the trip went from a mere possibility to a reality, I became eerily calm.

What are the odds that I will go into labor during the 34 hours he’ll be gone?

OK, I didn’t actually calculate the odds, but they’ve got to be slim…right?
(Note:  if any of you are math geeks who could/would actually calculate the odds, please let me live in ignorance.  At least until tomorrow night.)

On the contrary, Brent became very nervous about leaving and has several contingency plans in place complete with a list of return flights (of which there aren’t a lot, I might add).  My least favorite plan includes our 17-year-old daughter Skype-ing the birth on her laptop.

Sorry Babe.  If my vagina is going to end up on the Internet, it’s not going to be while giving birth to our son.

I’ll guess you’ll just have to hurry home soon.

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  1. Tara permalink
    August 16, 2010 1:58 pm

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh you are so funny! I love it!!!!

    You will be fine I am sure! Just sit and don’t move!

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