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Community Service

October 11, 2010

I live in the suburbs. And I love it.

For a lot of people moving outside the city limits means permanently relinquishing their hipster lifestyle and resigning themselves to mini vans and mom jeans.

Not me.

I live in a great neighborhood.  It’s the perfect blend of empty nesters and young families. It’s the kind of place where your kids can ride their bikes (safely) in the street, where the joggers and dog walkers always wave as you drive by. We have MILFs abound (myself temporarily excluded until I lose the baby weight), and even a few DILFs (although I won’t name names :))

And this place has a sense of humor too, which for me is essential.  Take for example, the (sub) urban legendized Blow Job Contest. The story goes something like this:

One summer a group of neighborhood ladies got together over SEVERAL bottles of wine and established a bet wherein each woman would give their respective husband a blow job once a week for three months.  In theory, the husbands would then rush to complete long delayed household projects in gratitude. An official winner was never declared, but that summer houses were painted, basements were finished and kitchens were remodeled. Mmm Hmm.

To be clear, I did not partake in this particular contest (although admittedly it sounds like something I would do).  Case in point, my unfinished master bathroom.

But the best thing about this ‘hood is that when there’s a death, an illness or a new baby in your family, the neighbors band together and take care of you.

I was lucky enough to experience this first hand after Milo was born when we were presented with over a month’s worth of meals prepared by our wonderful friends and neighbors, a few of which I had never even met before.  Now that’s community.

So, is this the hippest, coolest place I could live?

Um…yeah.  For me, it is.


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