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Halloween Round-Up

November 3, 2010

We had a record number of guests for our Steiner Haus Halloween free-for-all this year, including our own little first-timer, Milo.

I was planning to dress him up as a zebra (look at those adorable ears!)…

I'm a zebra.

but at the last minute I found out that he and Brent were in cahoots to trick-or-treat together as Fat Jesus and Carlos.

Other notable costumes were Boy! dressed as a Cereal Killer complete with milk mustache and Raisin Bran acne

and Bink who made a convincing Kat Von D with her freshly dyed dark locks and a whole lot of eye liner (photo not available).

Per usual, we carved about a bazillion pumpkins and in a flash of marketing genius, I carved a design that unfortunately didn’t make it through the night.  Serves me right for trying to shamelessly self-promote on my own front porch.

My multi-skilled husband, on the other hand, carved a magnificent Freddy Kruger.

All in all another great Halloween.  Hope yours was too.

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