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Up, up and away

March 15, 2009

Yesterday was my husband’s 37th birthday; his prime number birthday as we are affectionately referring to it. To celebrate this rare and momentous occasion we decided to dump our three children, blow off family requests for a potentially dysfunctional birthday BBQ and get the hell out of town.

So we packed up the 4Runner with the essentials (clothes, toothbrush, Macbook, iPod) and mandatory road trip snacks (beef jerky, licorice, apples—actual produce, not consumer electronics) and set out on the nearly 400 mile drive to Durango, Colorado. Other than the obvious birthday celebration, for me the purpose of the trip was to clear my head and take a break from the everyday stresses of life.  Thus we began our journey along scenic Highway 285 out of Denver.  

The seven hour drive took us across Colorado’s indescribably beautiful landscape and blissfully through numerous dead cell phone pockets. As we traveled, I discovered that being on the open road, unreachable by anyone, served as a sort of therapy session for me. Suddenly the guilt and anxiety I had been having about leaving our kids, dodging our family and dismissing my household chores for the weekend melted away and I began to relax.  

For the last several weeks, I’ve been trying to sort out my strategy for launching this blog, an idea that’s been ping-ponging around in my head for months, but frequently gets pushed to the back burner in place of career, husband and kids (not necessarily in that order). I realize now what I needed all along was the down time to focus.  And at long last my vision is clear.

So what is this blog about?  It’s about Being Super and all that that encompasses; motherhood, wifedom, entrepreneurship and trying to maintain a sense of self.

And what this road trip has taught me is that is parallel to being Super in real life.  It will require a lot of time, attention and dedication to keep it going and to keep you reading. But I’m up to the challenge (I wouldn’t be very “Super” if I wasn’t), so here goes…

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